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Programming entails discovering the client’s needs and goals and getting them down on paper in either written or graphic format.  This activity will set the stage for capital funding and spatial needs for the facility.

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Analysis + Budgeting

Complete inventory and assessment of existing equipment and infrastructure. By analyzing the current condition and product lifespan, we can project a remaining gainful life of equipment for re-use and re-purposing.

Synergy's history in all levels of acuity allows our team to utilize historical data to plan capital dollars accurately. Using our real-time data system, a complete budget is formulated from current market pricing.

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Design + Coordination

Assisting the owner in selecting the proper product for the clinical need is at the core of this portion of design.  Operational efficiencies are tested via value stream mapping, while product selection is vetted by a choosing by advantage process. Preliminary documents are generated for budget verification and design awareness.

During the specification phase,  specific attention is given to the right sizing of product based on clinical need, along with its design impact.  Equipment specifications and placement plans are provided for collaboration with the design team.

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Continuing efforts throughout the procurement process ensures that the products ordered match the design specifications. Confirming these requirements along with product acquisition and timeline management are integral to a successful opening.

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